Free Wi-Fi At Jo-Jo’s With Great Daily Soups !

Want a home cooked meal with no time to cook it ? Have a deadline looming and need Wi-Fi? No problem, come to Jo-Jo’s! !  We’ve got robust, fresh soups everyday and now we offer FREE Wi-Fi!

We’re a friendly little Cafe just off  the 505 S. Federal Highway, in Deerfield Beach, Florida that offers a wonderful atmosphere, with both indoor and out door options.  We have a wide covered out door dining area, complete with  low bush tree’s for privacy and flowers all around. What could  be better than enjoying a delightful soup with the smell of fresh flowers all around you while you work on your latest assignment or just serf the web ? The covered area provides Wi-Fi users old and young with plenty of shade to see laptop or notebook screens with little hassle of the bright sunlight reflecting off your screens.

For those of you who don’t mind the sun with your amazing soup (or other delectible that we offer) and free Wi-Fi, there is an uncovered terrace with table umbrellas. Flowers are once again all aroun adding that wonderful floral scent, the perfect acompnyment to any meal, inside and out.

Come in  or check out our website at to see our soup deals and specials, as well as our tantalizing chicken soup thats always a favorite, available made fresh guarenteed every day. Thats the way we do things here at Jo-Jo’s, everything made fresh just for you, with only the finest ingrediants going into our signature soups.

Where Do You Find The BEST Weekly Specials In Deerfield ?

Where do you find the best weekly specials in Deerfield for the best price? Why, at Jo-jo’s of course ! You’re not going to find a better deal for breakfast, lunch or dinner anywhere else.  for only $7.49, you can have your choice of these delectable meals.Can’t make it out of the office for lunch ? No problem, Jo-Jo’s Delivers ! Located on the 505 Federal Highway, you know your foods going to get to you while its still hot !

The specials for the week of April 2nd (available for dine in or out) are a mouth watering Serloin Steak Sandwich, served with crisp, golden onion rings, french fries, au jus for dipping and garnished with a slice of juicy pickle.

Not to be out done, the Spicy Beef Quesadilla serves up a little taste of Mexico tradition. Chucked full of spicy beef, diced tomatoes, cheese, it’s served with sour cream and rich salsa on your choice on white, wheat, tomato basil or Garlic tortilla. This masterpiece is finished off with a side of chilli with onions cheese and crackers.

For all you Veggie lovers, there is a wonderful Veggie Pasta with fresh green bell peppers, carrots, olives, cauliflower, the ever popular artichoke hears, and fresh broccoli. Served with melt in your mouth garlic bread, its definately a rising star.

Next we have the Hot Turkey Sandwich, for those of you who didnt get enough at Thanksgiving. Served open faced with vegetables, potatoes and amazing  country gravy, it’s everything you could ask for and more.

Last but not least theres the Pulled Pork Sandwich with Heavenly golden French fries and mouth watering cole slaw.

Dont forget to mention the specials add and recieve your free can of soda, or fresh bottle of water ! ! !

JoJo’s Café Offers Daily Specials in Deerfield Beach

You can get great food by taking advantage of how JoJo’s Café offers daily specials in Deerfield Beach. Not only can you get a home cooked meal, but you can get a great deal at the same time. The staff at JoJo’s Café creates season dishes and regular menu items for every meal of the day.

More about How JoJo’s Café Offers Daily Specials in Deerfield Beach

- Watch the website. Visiting the JoJo’s Café Specials page on their website will keep you in the loop about the daily specials that are being offered. You can also find additional opportunities to save at the bottom of the page.

- Like the Facebook page. The JoJo’s staff uses the Facebook page to keep up with customers and offer extra savings opportunities.

- Stop in to JoJo’s Café. Getting to know the staff and the items on the menu will make it easier to know about the specials.

The regular menu at JoJo’s Café is affordable and enjoyable. You can dine in, carry out or have your choices delivered. The choices get even better when you realize that JoJo’s Café offers daily specials in Deerfield Beach to help you make even more of your dining budget.